Love it or hate it — it’s here. So, we turned to one of the experts to ask him some hard questions about the hottest topic in data.

Over the past year, data mesh has taken the data community by storm. Some people love it, others don’t quite understand it, and many are already migrating towards one even if they don’t yet know it. Regardless of where you fall, it’s hard to ignore the buzz.

For those unfamiliar…

It would be an understatement to say your company is bullish on data.

Your CEO can’t stop talking about her new Tableau dashboard, a report that tells which of your products are “stickiest” with customers. It didn’t take much convincing to sell your CTO on Snowflake. …


How to set expectations around data quality and reliability for your company

For today’s data engineering teams, the demand for real-time, accurate data has never been higher, yet broken pipelines and stale dashboards are an all-too-common reality. So, how can we break this vicious cycle and achieve reliable data?

Just like our software engineering counterparts 20 years ago, data teams in the…


Why we need to rethink our approach to metadata management and data governance

As companies increasingly leverage data to power digital products, drive decision making, and fuel innovation, understanding the health and reliability of these most critical assets is fundamental. For decades, organizations have relied on data catalogs to power data governance. But is that enough?

Debashis Saha, VP of Engineering at AppZen…

Monte Carlo, the data observability company, today announced the launch of the Monte Carlo Data Observability Platform, the first end-to-end solution to prevent broken data pipelines. …


Is the data engineer still the “worst seat at the table?” Thoughts on the past, present, and future of tooling, processes, and culture in our industry.

By Barr Moses and Lior Gavish

In the world of data engineering, Maxime Beauchemin is someone who needs no introduction.

One of the first data engineers at Facebook and Airbnb, he wrote and open sourced the wildly popular orchestrator, Apache Airflow, followed shortly thereafter by Apache Superset, a data exploration…

Introducing a more proactive approach to data quality: the Data Reliability lifecycle.

Delivering reliable data products doesn’t have to be so painful.

Here’s why and how some of the best data teams are turning to DevOps and Site Reliability Engineering for inspiration when it comes to achieving a proactive, iterative model for data trust. Introducing: the Data Reliability lifecycle.

Imagine for a…

Tricks of the Trade

What is Reverse ETL? Inquiring minds want to know

Modern data teams have all the right solutions in place to ensure that data is ingested, stored, transformed, and loaded into their data warehouse, but what happens at “the last mile?” …

I’m excited to share that Monte Carlo has raised $60 million in Series C funding from ICONIQ Growth with participation from Salesforce Ventures and existing investors Accel, GGV Capital, and Redpoint Ventures — bringing our total funding to $101M. …

Building a data mesh? Avoid these 7 mesh-conceptions.

Zhamak Dehghani, founder of the data mesh, dispels common misunderstandings around this the data mesh, an increasingly popular approach to building a distributed data architecture, and shares how some of the best teams are getting started.

Nowadays, it seems like every data person falls into two camps: those who understand…

Barr Moses

Co-Founder and CEO, Monte Carlo ( @BM_DataDowntime #datadowntime

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