Monte Carlo’s Series D and the Future of Data Observability

Where data observability is today

  • Fox empowered self-service across a decentralized data organization.
  • Red Ventures improved data delivery by tracking performance via SLAs.
  • Blinkist grew revenue by providing their marketing team with data to better optimize ad spend.
  • JetBlue accelerated their data quality processes to match the real-time needs of their business.
  • PagerDuty protected their customer success machine learning models from drift.
  • Choozle made high-quality data a differentiating factor in their updated digital advertising platform.
  • Clearcover scaled a lean data team, removed bottlenecks, and increased data adoption.
  • ShopRunner enhanced visibility data asset usage allowing them to optimize their environment without impacting downstream users.
  • Hotjar reduced their data infrastructure costs 3x.

The future of data observability and Monte Carlo




Co-Founder and CEO, Monte Carlo ( @BM_DataDowntime #datadowntime

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Barr Moses

Barr Moses

Co-Founder and CEO, Monte Carlo ( @BM_DataDowntime #datadowntime

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