Monte Carlo’s Series D and the Future of Data Observability

Where data observability is today

Organizations spent $39.2 billion on cloud databases such as Snowflake, Databricks, and BigQuery in 2021. Unfortunately, those investments have not been fully realized with poor data quality costing the average organization $12.9M per year.

  • Fox empowered self-service across a decentralized data organization.
  • Red Ventures improved data delivery by tracking performance via SLAs.
  • Blinkist grew revenue by providing their marketing team with data to better optimize ad spend.
  • JetBlue accelerated their data quality processes to match the real-time needs of their business.
  • PagerDuty protected their customer success machine learning models from drift.
  • Choozle made high-quality data a differentiating factor in their updated digital advertising platform.
  • Clearcover scaled a lean data team, removed bottlenecks, and increased data adoption.
  • ShopRunner enhanced visibility data asset usage allowing them to optimize their environment without impacting downstream users.
  • Hotjar reduced their data infrastructure costs 3x.

The future of data observability and Monte Carlo

The markets for data broadly continue to signal an incredible opportunity for data observability. Last year, BigQuery, Snowflake, and Databricks annual revenues each neared or exceeded $1b, and in 20221, they continue to grow at astounding rates.



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